Amazon Hiring: How To Apply For a Amazon Job

Amazon stands out in the world of online shopping. At its core, a dedicated team ensures you enjoy a top-notch experience.

With over 800,000 team members, Amazon is on the hunt for more talent to join its ranks. The company’s growth means even greater opportunities for job seekers.


Interested in being part of this dynamic team? Explore the Amazon hiring process and discover how to secure a position with the company.

What to Expect When Working at Amazon Company?

Amazon stands as one of the world’s most prominent companies, committed to treating its employees fairly by offering them a sustainable income and outstanding benefits.

Here are some aspects you can anticipate when working at Amazon:


Exceptional Compensation

Amazon ranks among the top global corporations, providing salaries significantly above the average. 

This factor is a key reason why numerous individuals aspire to secure a position at Amazon. 

The company proposes salary packages that you can negotiate to meet your requirements.


Excellent Working Environment

Amazon is renowned for its exceptional working conditions. 

The company fosters a collaborative, safe, and diverse workplace where all employees are treated with respect. 

No one is overlooked, and every success you achieve is celebrated by the entire organization.

Generous Benefits

Beyond the above-average salary, Amazon employees enjoy a range of world-class benefits. 

These include retirement plans, financial counseling, comprehensive medical and healthcare benefits, mental health support, as well as dental and vision coverage. 

The company promotes a healthy work-life balance by encouraging employees to establish boundaries, contributing to their financial stability in the future.

2024 Amazon Careers That You Can Apply For

Amazon, a globally recognized tech giant, offers numerous services to its customers. 

Consequently, the company has a diverse range of job opportunities to fill. Below are some of the positions you can apply for:

Database Engineer

A database engineer’s role is to improve the user experience for every customer visiting the website. 

They tackle issues within their domain and deliver innovative technical and engineering solutions. 

The average annual salary for a database engineer is around $188,000.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers collaborate with other teams to provide cloud-based solutions.

They support ongoing projects and require several years of programming experience. 

The average annual salary for a DevOps engineer is about $184,000.

Customer Service Representative

Amazon also hires customer service representatives. They address customer concerns and aim to provide the best solutions. 

Many of these positions offer a hybrid or work-from-home arrangement.

Applying for a Job at Amazon

Amazon’s job application process is detailed and requires attention.

Firstly, visit their official Careers website and sign into your account. If you don’t have an account, create one to begin your application.

Starting the Application

Initiate your application by logging into your account and choosing from the various roles available. 

Utilize the search function to locate the specific position you’re interested in.

Selecting Your Availability

Upon finding the desired job, fill in your personal information in the necessary fields. 

Indicate your availability and submit your application for review.

Receiving the Offer

Following the review, they will reach out with a job offer. If you agree to the terms, you can accept the offer, marking the midpoint of the application process.

Undergoing a Background Check

After accepting the offer, review the consent forms provided. These forms include waivers for a background check, which you must agree to.

Await their response after the background check is complete.

Attending the New Hire Event

Choose a day to attend the New Hire Event, where you’ll undergo orientation, have your badge photo taken, and learn about the company. 

A drug test is also required at this stage.

Completing the Application

The final step involves submitting all pre-employment documents. Once finished, you’ll be scheduled for your initial training day.

Crafting a Perfect Resume for Your Application at Amazon

Amazon’s hiring process begins with resume screening. Your CV must meet the company’s requirements in terms of technology, education, and experience. 

To create a winning resume for Amazon, follow three key rules:

  1. Highlight skills and qualities Amazon values, such as leadership potential, analytical problem-solving, excellent communication, resilience, curiosity, and humility.
  2. Use clear, measurable, and specific bullet points to describe your experiences and achievements. For example, “Increased sales by 20% in Q1 through targeted marketing campaigns.”
  3. Demonstrate your strong communication skills with formal, structured, and concise language. Showcase your accomplishments with clear data and frameworks to make a positive impression.

To make your application stand out, ensure your resume is exceptional:

  • Use a professional resume template.
  • Include essential information like contact details, work experience, and education.
  • Emphasize relevant skills and achievements.
  • Use action words to describe your work experience.
  • Carefully proofread your resume before submitting it.

Online Assessment Process

Amazon often requires candidates to complete pre-interview screening tests, known as Amazon Online Assessments, before the screening call. 

These assessments are common for both technical and non-technical roles, though they are more frequently used for internships and recent graduate positions.

Based on extensive experience in preparing Amazon candidates for their assessments, the most common Amazon pre-hire tests include:

  • Amazon SDE Online Assessment
  • AWS Assessment Test
  • Amazon Area Manager Assessment
  • Amazon Operations Manager Assessment Test
  • Amazon MBA Online Assessment
  • Amazon Ramsay Test
  • Amazon Mechatronics & Robotics (RME) Apprenticeship Skills Battery Test
  • Amazon Control Systems Technician Test
  • Amazon Financial Analyst Assessment
  • Amazon ATA Technical Assessment
  • Amazon Warehouse Assessment Test

For detailed information and practice materials for each assessment, you can visit the comprehensive guide to Amazon assessment tests.

Amazon Application Status Types & Their Meanings

The Amazon job application process involves understanding the various statuses your application can have. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you interpret them:

  • Submitted: Your application is under review by the hiring team.
  • Incomplete: You need to provide missing information for your application to proceed.
  • Completed: The hiring manager is currently reviewing your completed application.
  • Selected: You’ve been chosen for an interview and will be contacted to schedule it.
  • Rejected: Unfortunately, you have not been selected for an interview.

First Day at Amazon: What to Expect

Your first day will involve orientation and training. You’ll learn about Amazon’s culture, values, policies, and procedures. You’ll also receive specific training for your role.

After orientation, you’ll join a team and start working on your tasks. You’ll have the opportunity to work independently and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Finish Strong

You’re now fully versed in Amazon’s hiring sequence. It’s your moment to advance and kick off your application. Armed with knowledge about the whole process, your preparation can be more targeted.

This knowledge significantly boosts your odds of landing the job.